Before & After: From Ceiling Space to Playroom

Sometimes it seems like we don’t have enough room in our homes, but do you know that there are lots of brilliant ideas out there to transform that wasted space into a cute office or playroom? Here is the wonderful idea that you can transform Ceiling Space to Playroom.

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Before & After- From Ceiling Space to Playoom

Here is a smart idea for an entry way with high ceilings. Do you have a home with absolutely wasted space like this? Check out how Angie’s husband reconstructed the existing stairway and high ceilings into a brand new playroom! This is such a fantastic use of otherwise wasted space!

Before & After: From Ceiling Space to PlayoomThanks Angie and her family share us this cool idea! Below link will show you How Converted Ceiling Space Into kids’ Playroom

Before & After: Playroom