DIY Recycled Tire Flower Planter

DIY Recycled Tire Flower Planter is a cool way to change the decor in your garden. It’s quite easy to do, but you will be amazed by the end result.

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DIY Recycled Tire Flower Planter

What you will need:

  • Old tire
  • Sharp knife
  • Paint
  • Chicken wire or other form of sturdy mesh

How to do:

  1. With the help of a sharp knife , start cutting some points of the tire all the way around inwards . Then, pull the interior piece and keep it.
  2. Flip the tire inside out and place the piece you cut earlier in the bottom. ( your local tire shop can flip it for free after you cut it)
  3. Wash the tire , and paint it.
  4. Find a piece of chicken wire and place your cut-out over top of it to hold it in place ( it will allow both the dirt to stay in the planter and a proper drainage)
  5. Fill it up with dirt and plant some flowers.

Click below link for tutorial…

Tire Planter