How to Build a Grass Day Bed in Your Backyard

Many people love to relax by lying on the grass and taking in the warm sunshine. Now what do you do if you want to do that in your backyard and your yard is made of concrete? Now here is a neat idea from Jason Hodges – a landscape gardener on the Australian TV show Better Homes & Gardens. He demonstrates how to Build a Grass Day Bed in Your Backyard to bring some green onto the pavement.

This could be even easier than making a bed for the bedroom – and it’s much better looking. The DIY shows you how to build your bed from start to finish. He built a wood frame for the turf, then filled it in with soil. The headboard has hebe plants to provide shade. The grass is soft leaf buffalo, which is the grass equivalent of 1000-thread count sheets. Hodges completes with pillows and a headboard, the lounger offers a great place to soak up some sun and read a good book.

Watch the entire process How to Build a Grass Day Bed in short video below. Hope this very clever design that will help you relax every time you step foot in the garden.

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How to Build a Grass Day Bed in Your Backyard

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Amazing Grass Day Bed